Six Days Til Sunday

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In Six Days Til Sunday, Dillon is caught between two worlds, one of which he chooses and the other which is thrust upon him. Both worlds have its benefits, but the one he chooses provides him with everything he thought he could ever want. Dillon begins to have doubts when he realizes that the things he wants are the exact opposite of what he needs.

The world he chose is solely responsible for him developing an appetite for deception, dishonesty, and destruction. These characteristics are the reasons why Dillon’s two worlds collide, leaving him confused about what to do. Throughout his journey it is clear that Dillon decides to live life based on his own rules.

Dillon’s lifestyle presents him with a dilemma that forces him to lean on his faith in God, a faith he severed long ago. When it appears that all hope is lost, through a hustle, Dillon stumbles on a chance at redemption.

The question is, will he take it?

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7222 reviews for Six Days Til Sunday